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EMERALDA: Stimulation that goes beyond a big cut. Enjoy the stimulation of working through the details of big steps that connect horizontally.

UNIsex UNIversal. For men and women, alone or together. TENGA UNI is a cutting-edge pleasure item that anyone can enjoy, regardless of gender or sexuality. Enjoy your pleasurable life more easily and freely!

TENGA UNI is made of a soft, stretchy material, so you can wear it on your finger and place it over your female genitals, or flip it over and wrap it around your male genitals. In addition, it is a completely new TENGA with a unisex and universal design that you can enjoy not only for yourself, but also for your partner.


1 – PERSONAL USE : Genderless usability for personal pleasure. The UNI can be used as a finger stimulation enhancement, or can be turned inside out to use as a stretchy stimulating sleeve, for a truly unisex product!

2 – USE AS A COUPLE : For pleasure as a couple of any orientation. With its ability to be used by anyone, the UNI can also be used in partner games! Additionally, UNI is a unique product in its ability to be used by any gender matching association.

3 – MATERIAL : Designs based on precious stones, as they are anything but hard to the touch. The UNI is created from a soft and flexible material.

4 – SUSTAINABILITY : Much of the product casing is made from pulp-moid paper similar to egg cartons to reduce our plastic waste profile.

TENGA comes from Japan and is exactly what you imagine: absolutely strange! They are undoubtedly leaders in design-quality ratio and are the favorite toys of men who value discretion. TENGA products look like eggs or packages of men’s cosmetic products: modern, discreet and, above all, effective! Don’t be fooled by the design, though: the inside of the TENGA masturbator is made of an exceptionally soft material that just touching it sends shivers down your spine and other things to get you up. This is a series of masturbators that are manufactured with the pleasure of modern and contemporary men in mind. They recreate the sensation of vaginal, oral, anal sex and other naughty erotic practices that live in male fantasies. With each passing year, TENGA offers something new and even crazier than the last, so men around the world get the variety they need.


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