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Do you know more than the other contestants on topics of love and sexuality? Then you are the sexexpert or Sexperto.

MOODZZ expands its successful range of erotic games with a daring quiz game about sex and love. Test your knowledge about sex by taking turns drawing a card with questions. The questions are diverse and surprising. They also possibly open the doors that until now were closed to you. And naturally the questions are (especially the answers to them) educational for everyone. Almost every question also contains, in addition to the corresponding answer, a detailed explanation. Especially on the topic of sexuality, there are still many taboos and prejudices. SEXPERT definitively puts an end to them.

The game contains more than 200 question cards (partly illustrated), a game board, 6 pions and 6 corresponding answer tokens. The game box with the illustration of a stern school teacher reminds you and possibly challenges you, like when you went to school, to try your hardest: if only for her… In turns you draw a card. This may contain an open question, a truth/lie question or a multiple choice question.

Some questions only need to be answered and others require the participation of other players. Whether you know a lot or a little, whether you blush when talking about sex or not, you will always learn something from this game.


  • – Which sexual position burns the most calories (the one who acts as an active partner)?
  • – True or false? Women who often wear heels experience a climax more intensively.
  • – In what specific situation does a man produce sperm which contains twice as many sperm as normal?
  • – Men also have a G spot. Where is it?

SEXPERT not only increases knowledge and insight but also the freedom with which sexuality can be discussed. MOODZZ shares its knowledge with the knowledge of experienced sexologists and specialists in this stimulating game, full of things worth knowing. Excitement and pleasure are guaranteed!

Βάρος 630 g
Διαστάσεις 55 × 175 × 175 mm


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