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SMARTBALL UNO, for lovers of smaller scales.

SMARTBALL UNO is the easy-to-use kegel training device for a strengthened pelvic floor thats especially beneficial for beginners, as well as for women with uterine conditions. Inserted like a tampon, the SMARTBALL UNO can hardly be felt when worn. Through the constant yet quiet rotation of the inner balls, with everyday movements, muscle contractions are induced, which strengthen the pelvic floor. Short, regular training sessions lead to the best results and improvements. After successful workouts with the SMARTBALL UNO, we recommend advance training by switching to the SMARTBALLS DUO.

– Kegel training device with a single silicone-covered ball for strengthening the pelvic floor
– Great for beginners
– A starter trainer for strengthening your pelvic floor muscles
– To enhance training switch to the SMARTBALLS DUO with two balls
– Designed for easy insertion into the vagina
– Ergonomically shaped design adapts to the body
– Also suitable for women with a dropped or tilted uterus or for those who have undergone a hysterectomy
– The rotation of the inner balls stimulates and strengthens the pelvic floor muscles even during the most simple daily movements
– Short but regular periods of use will produce the best results
– Prevents stress incontinence and uterine conditions
– By increasing muscle strength, increases sensitivity for better sensation during sex  for HER and HIM!
– Goes hand-in-hand with post-natal exercises
– Recommended by mid-wives and gynecologists
– Made in Germany
– Made with velvety soft, hypo-allergenic silicone and body-friendly ASB plastic
– Finger loop for easy-in insertion
– Strong silicone retrieval band
– Comfortable, seamless design and form simplifies insertion and cleaning
– Discreet and quiet
– Ergonomically shaped adapts to the body
– Wear for up to 30 minutes at a time
– Widen your sexual horizon with FUN FACTORYs informative SMARTBALLS-booklet: 55 facts of SMARTBALLS!

This smartball makes it possible to train your pelvic floor muscles in a fun way. Everyday activities suffice for the SMARTBALL UNO to teach the inner musculature to detect movement, thereby strengthening the pelvic floor.

Vaginal ball SMARTBALL UNO with one ball is perfect for beginners and for women with a prolapsed or tilted uterus and who want to train their pelvic floor muscles in a fun way. Muscles that are in shape lead to more sensation during sex and climaxes after the training!

The extremely smooth running of the SMARTBALL UNO as well as the steady and fast rotation of the inner ball is made possible by innovative technology. An ergonomically formed finger hollow eases insertion. A woman can go about her everyday activities without any bother and still be training diligently. The SMARTBALL is inserted lengthwise into the vagina with a drop of TOYFLUID, the retrieval band remains outside the body.

Some may think its too bad that using SMARTBALL UNO doesnt create an orgasm. But sexual experiences after the training are even more sensuous and passionate. A woman feels sensation more intensely during sex. And for the man its a good feeling to be held more snugly. So best start your training today!

4,5 cm ball and Ø 3,6 cm; 11,5 cm band, 36 gram

Weight 70 g
Dimensions 60 × 130 × 50 mm


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